Course description

This qualification is designed for those in an operational role who need the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks. You will develop the knowledge to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts. Joining a CIPS qualification programme means you will join the largest Institute in the world for those working in procurement and supply. You can join as a member online or by downloading a membership form. You can then book your examinations online or complete an enrolment form.

Typical job titles

  • Administrator
  • Assistant buyer
  • Assistant contract officer
  • Contract analyst
  • Stock / inventory controller / planner

Entry requirements

  • Capability to apply key tasks associated with procurement and supply operations.

Course plan/Units

Procurement and supply environments

CIPS Reference: AC1

Procurement and supply operations

CIPS Reference: AC2

Procurement and supply workflow

CIPS Reference: AC3

Inventory and logistics operations

CIPS Reference: AC4

Procurement and supply relationships

CIPS Reference: AC5
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